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  • Counterstrike: Source Match.css:
  • CounterStrike Promod Match.csgo: inc
  • Gold Cup Team NMEEnemydown
  • Gold Cup Team NMEUngl
  • Gold Cup Team NMEESL
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Core 5 Lineup

Comments 0 By England sa6factioN in team news on Wednesday 23 October @ 02:44

Team News

CounterStrike Promod NME.csgo lineup:

NME sat6factioN
NME nexus
NME kevLar
NME SingleShot.uK
NME sterling
NME Collie

Counterstrike: SourceNME.css lineup:

currently tryna buildup a core team for cs:source. (not mandatory at this time but for those who wish to play css and csgo could also be in css team and do mixes/clanwars etc.

Tech Admins
NME ezpz.

inactive + our loved ones

NME amitZ #soon on csgo
NME Twistah

Server News

Comments 0 By England sa6factioN in league news on Wednesday 23 October @ 02:35

Sup guys we are gonna be getting a new public server for the community side of NME so if you got any friends who like to play pub why not invite them to NME! no trial needed to join the community side!

We have intentions on doing the server map rotation on standard and match maps such as de_dust2, de_inferno, de_nuke, de_season, de_tuscan, de_russka, de_cpl_mill, de_cpl_strike, a few deagle, awp and possibly some fy maps
any suggestions on maps that you want post it in the forums.

We will also have a Ranking system for those who wish to compete with others and make it to the Top10 !